well, due to MN’s travelling out of town the last 3 weeks

I had to put a hold on paying off CC’s until we square up with his company (long long long story.) He’s gotten better about keeping track of expenses etc., but I’d rather keep money in the bank until we’re square.

I found out that my mother who passed away almost 3 months ago, left me 1/4 of her IRA. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s a bigger mess than one might think, being an IRA beneficiary. The place I have my retirement accounts (Sharebuilder) doesn’t allow Beneficiary IRA’s, so I will have to open another one somewhere else. I’m still researching my options on what I can do with it (or not). It’s amazing how many Series 7 people punt to “well, dunno. Talk to a tax professional.”

Well then what the heck are you dude?

I actually got one response from a “broker” who said they didn’t have any “tax advisors in house”. Come on. Really? I just need to know if I have to make mandatory withdrawals since she was over 70 when she passed and she didn’t make any withdrawals this year before she died.

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