We had a wonderful week and it was all simple pleasres, most of which were free

The week started off hectic with both men working major overtime. Friday was ds 40th birthday, the gang from work, and some people who use to work there took him to Hooters for lunch, where the waitstaff teased him mercilessly.

Once the work day was over he headed to OKC to spend the weekend with a friend. She gave a multitude of “old fashioned” toys, like Magic Slate, the thing where you use a magnet to make a beard on the little guy with metal shavings, a lighted gyroscope, etc. All from the dollar store. They had a blast playing with the toys from their childhood all weekend. She also took him out to eat twice during the weekend.

Back at home dh telecommuted for 8 hours on Saturday and then needed to go to the office to get something. His office is downtown Tulsa, so imagine our surprise to see a fox playing in the park by the office.

While we don’t want a fox in our coops we think they are beautiful creatures, so we loved watching this beautiful creature running and playing.

Afterwards we headed toward Sam’s for minor shopping. When we got to the complex it is in we realized a Christmas parade was about to start there. We both love parades of all sorts. So we grabbed carryout from Panada Express and found a parking spot where we could watch the parade from the warmth of the truck.

It was a delightful small town style parade with the US flag leading the way, followed by fire trucks, a Mustang car club, numerous church groups pulling flat bed trailers with nativities, carolers, and more. No real corprate sponsors, unless you count the Chic Filla cow in a Santa outfit, marching just in front of the Santa and sleigh float. All were lit with tree lights. No marching bands either. It was short, simple and wonderful.

Afterwards we did our shopping in a nearly empty store, then went to McDonald’s for ice cream, where they gave us extra ice cream because they were trying to empty the machine for the night.

Sunday was a lazy day that included laundry and watching the Librarian movies, once ds got home we took him to Carrabba’s for his birthday dinner.

Today I went out to burn trash and discovered the electric company was trimming our clear cut. So now we have some cut for us firewood, a clear path to the south 40 acres and they mulched up a bunch of downed branches we had stacked to burn on our next brush burning day. They saved us HOURS of hard work, and now my power won’t go out when the January ice storms hit due to over hanging branches. They did a very thorough job running the full length of our 90 acres.

Katherine and Eldred can such a trimming could have cost us thousands of dollars if we had to pay for it. Instead it was free and I got firewood to boot. (firewood is currently going for $75 a rick here).

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