Most of you saw where I finally got my dishwasher

but there is a little more to the story. According to the installer, who came late in the evening, bless his heart. This was the SECOND Whirlpool dishwasher that BB has had to replace out for the exact same reason in the last two weeks in the Tulsa area. He said as a dishwasher installer and repairman that he use to always recommend Whirlpool products, but not any more. He says he gets more calls on them than any other product and he does all types of appliances.

Also, you know how facebook shares what you are chatting about with their advertisers. Well apparently they only picked up the Whirlpool name on one of my posts and put one of those cj Patterson likes whirlpool ads on my feed. BAAAAAD thing to do. It allowed for comments and my comment was polite, but telling people to stay away from Whirlpool because of their horrible customer service and how fast my dishwasher quit working. The comments section filled up quickly from other dissatisfied customers NOT what Whirlpool wanted I am certain. LOL!

Anwyay, they immediately got on there, before the other bad remarks hit, and tried to say it was a one time thing and I should contact them direct at the exact same number I’ve been calling. I have been waiting for the dishwasher to be installed before I replied to that one. But guess what has disappeared from my feed. Gee wonder why that is.

Anyway, I never called Ms. Hateful back, I figure she can be “patient” and wait on that call. I plan on filing my complaint with the BBB this week.

You know corporations think unhappy customers can’t hurt them, but they really need to look at former powerhouses like Sears, JC Penney, and now it looks like maybe Target to see exactly what word of mouth can do to bring a company down.

I may be only one person, but if even one person learns from my mistake of getting a Whirlpool product, then I have saved them not only the headaches I went through, but have cost Whirlpool another sale. I know that in the next few years we would be replacing every major appliance in this house and I can guarantee you they won’t be Whirlpool products (or Maytag or Amana –they are all the same company).

On to happier thoughts. The guys are getting another profit sharing check, once again ours is going into the 401K and ds is putting his on Sallie Mae. They are bigger than last time by about $100 and that thrills us. Closer and closer we are dashing toward our goal of being totally debt free.

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