I know we haven’t spoken directly on here

– but I thought of you today! Me and Dh went out to buy a car with cash, and ended up buying from a small dealership. The owner of the dealership tried to talk to us about paying payments on the balance of what he wanted for a vehicle vs that which we did not have…

A flash went through my mind: “Poor people ask how much per month, rich people ask how much?”

We were insistent, we offered XX and he could take or leave the cash offer, it was all we had budgeted.

He took it. He even kicked in $100 of the TT&L.

Spent $2,600, and KBB values the vehicle at $4,000. We were patient and turned down a lot of vehicles even if we drove out far to see them. I sure hope this one is a solid as it seems! Were turning in the money pit car and moving on.

So anyway… thanks for the tagline – it helped keep us on track today.

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