1. Finishing Zero Balance Budget and having weekly budget meetings. Working on getting a workable spreadsheet for weekly meetings to make sure that none of the categories are exceeded especially in areas that we are not using the envelope system which is every bill that we pay with check.
2. Cut cell phone bill down by $75/month and Internet Bill down $25.
3. Using envelopes for groceries and gas(saving .05/gallon to do this) and cash for everything
4. Only CC will be paid in full on the 15th and closed forever. Then onto Baby Step 3.

Also found out DH is going to have a large Christmas bonus and had the usual wig-out of , “Oh, we will have money for this!” but then almost immediately got things into perspective of, “This changes NOTHING!” Baby Step 3 will get a hefty headstart and we can tithe and bless our church. Still no entertainment envelope until that is done!! Still not going to go to family reunion. Larger picture here! We still have plenty of entertainment without a budget. We attend all the free community stuff. Saw some lovely Christmas trees decorated for charity this week.

And paying cash for Christmas. Have made sure that the family that puts pressure on us to spend knows that we are now on a tight budget with goals. But they are going to have to see this over time that this is how our life is going to be and not a passing fancy. Not going to be pressured into overspending.

The Lord blessed us with a surprise of a credit on our electric bill this month. The electric company estimates billing at times and there was a mistake somewhere so we had overpaid before and they caught it.

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