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Most of you saw where I finally got my dishwasher

but there is a little more to the story. According to the installer, who came late in the evening, bless his heart. This was the SECOND Whirlpool dishwasher that BB has had to replace out for the exact same reason in the last two weeks in the Tulsa area. He said as a dishwasher installer and repairman that he use to always recommend Whirlpool products, but not any more. He says he gets more calls on them than any other product and he does all types of appliances.

Also, you know how facebook shares what you are chatting about with their advertisers. Well apparently they only picked up the Whirlpool name on one of my posts and put one of those cj Patterson likes whirlpool ads on my feed. BAAAAAD thing to do. It allowed for comments and my comment was polite, but telling people to stay away from Whirlpool because of their horrible customer service and how fast my dishwasher quit working. The comments section filled up quickly from other dissatisfied customers NOT what Whirlpool wanted I am certain. LOL!

Anwyay, they immediately got on there, before the other bad remarks hit, and tried to say it was a one time thing and I should contact them direct at the exact same number I’ve been calling. I have been waiting for the dishwasher to be installed before I replied to that one. But guess what has disappeared from my feed. Gee wonder why that is.

Anyway, I never called Ms. Hateful back, I figure she can be “patient” and wait on that call. I plan on filing my complaint with the BBB this week.

You know corporations think unhappy customers can’t hurt them, but they really need to look at former powerhouses like Sears, JC Penney, and now it looks like maybe Target to see exactly what word of mouth can do to bring a company down.

I may be only one person, but if even one person learns from my mistake of getting a Whirlpool product, then I have saved them not only the headaches I went through, but have cost Whirlpool another sale. I know that in the next few years we would be replacing every major appliance in this house and I can guarantee you they won’t be Whirlpool products (or Maytag or Amana –they are all the same company).

On to happier thoughts. The guys are getting another profit sharing check, once again ours is going into the 401K and ds is putting his on Sallie Mae. They are bigger than last time by about $100 and that thrills us. Closer and closer we are dashing toward our goal of being totally debt free.

Hi Everyone

I recently ordered a supply for my coaster business through etsy and am beginning to wonder about it. It shipped from Spain on Aug. 5. I was told it would take 5-7 business days to arrive by the USPS. I have kept in contact with the seller via messaging on etsy. It has not arrived as of the mail posting today but she says it will arrive any day. I have never ordered via etsy before. I paid via a debit card at a local bank & the payment cleared on Nov. 5. What recourse do I have for this if it never arrives? The item, with shipping, totaled $17.00.

Paid off the student loan

Working on getting our zero balance budget ready to fully implement in October. Tried to go under budget on groceries to gear up for next week but sausage was on sale for half price so maxed the budget to stock up(have to have nitrate/nitrite free and never goes on sale so jumped on that one). Might be eating generic cheerios next week to get ready for Thanksgiving since we haven’t been at this very long. My mother in law makes the turkey so that will help. I only have to make the dressing and some pies and a cake so totally juggle-able with some creativity.

DH is ready to cut up the credit card. Hasn’t happened yet but I think soon. It is NOT being used. He is getting ready to sell all of his comic books that he paid WAY too much for in his single days ahem 22 years ago :) Our debt will be wiped out with his bonus but once again we won’t see anything out of it probably.

OH, and also, FPU is being offered at the end of February nearby. Do you think it would be beneficial if we have been reading constantly on our own and listening to DR on his website 24/7? We already own many of the books that I think would come with the class.

I’m super excited about the zero balance budget because I think seeing progress is what is going to be super motivating.

well, due to MN’s travelling out of town the last 3 weeks

I had to put a hold on paying off CC’s until we square up with his company (long long long story.) He’s gotten better about keeping track of expenses etc., but I’d rather keep money in the bank until we’re square.

I found out that my mother who passed away almost 3 months ago, left me 1/4 of her IRA. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s a bigger mess than one might think, being an IRA beneficiary. The place I have my retirement accounts (Sharebuilder) doesn’t allow Beneficiary IRA’s, so I will have to open another one somewhere else. I’m still researching my options on what I can do with it (or not). It’s amazing how many Series 7 people punt to “well, dunno. Talk to a tax professional.”

Well then what the heck are you dude?

I actually got one response from a “broker” who said they didn’t have any “tax advisors in house”. Come on. Really? I just need to know if I have to make mandatory withdrawals since she was over 70 when she passed and she didn’t make any withdrawals this year before she died.

Why do banks nickel and dime us?!

I was very annoyed today in having to pay $12 to a bank to cash a check drawn from their establishment!

In an accounting error, my work direct deposit was not made into my credit union checking account. When I notified my boss, she promptly cut me a check… no problem, right? Wrong!

Because I had scheduled some autodraft payments today, I had to deposit cash into my credit union account to avoid a hold (which would have resulted in bounced payments). So, since my check was written from an Iberia Bank, I found one branch nearby, and went there to cash it. I happened to have my insurance reimbursement check on hand too – also an Iberia check from They charged me $6 per check to cash these.

I asked the banker what the fee was for, and here’s how the convo went

Me: Why am I being charged a fee, this is an Iberia bank and an Iberia check.

Banker: It’s like how we charge members for having a low balance. Same thing.

Me: I don’t have a low balance, I am asking for the cash one of your clients promised to me by signing this check. If the signee doesn’t have enough to cover the check, I am sure you will just not cash it – you wouldn’t lend them money to pay me, and then charge me $6 to do so, right?

Banker: Open an account here and I can waive the fee.

Me: But then I would have a low balance, because I don’t want to bank with you. I just want this money, and I don’t feel I am doing anything to support a surcharge to receive it.

Banker: ((Blank Stare))

Me: I am just wondering what my fee is covering. Nobody is doing extra work to give me the money, nothing is being “rushed,” I don’t have a low balance… I am not asking for an extra service.

Banker: I don’t know. But there is a $6 fee per check. I am sorry I can only waive the fee if you have an account here, even if there’s no money in the account.

Basically, he couldn’t tell me why I should pay them to give me money that one of their clients authorized. I don’t understand why bypassing the need for Iberia to wire money to my bank to give to me should cost me anything at all.

They wouldn’t waive the fee, and I ate it to avoid any bounced payments… but ugh! This seems totally illegal. How can you charge me for this Iberia (or any bank!)?!

I know we haven’t spoken directly on here

– but I thought of you today! Me and Dh went out to buy a car with cash, and ended up buying from a small dealership. The owner of the dealership tried to talk to us about paying payments on the balance of what he wanted for a vehicle vs that which we did not have…

A flash went through my mind: “Poor people ask how much per month, rich people ask how much?”

We were insistent, we offered XX and he could take or leave the cash offer, it was all we had budgeted.

He took it. He even kicked in $100 of the TT&L.

Spent $2,600, and KBB values the vehicle at $4,000. We were patient and turned down a lot of vehicles even if we drove out far to see them. I sure hope this one is a solid as it seems! Were turning in the money pit car and moving on.

So anyway… thanks for the tagline – it helped keep us on track today.

On the homework front

I got our new main checking account all entered in quickbooks and up to date on entries. Over time I’d like to get my business account done but it’ll take more time. I will probably just have to pledge to work on it “x” number of minutes per day to get it done.

I got a big coaster order last Friday. A store where I wholesale coasters had a customer in the store putting together 17 gift baskets for people she does business with. She “loved” my coasters and wanted a set in each basket! Yeah!! The store also gave me an order for the store to replenish their stock … 10 sets for the store.

So with order in hand for 27 sets in all, I got busy making sure I had all the supplies I needed. The order for the baskets is due by Wednesday but I was able to get them done yesterday while watching that miserable pitiful mess of a football game … Saints/Carolina. Personally I don’t like Cam but they did have a better team on the field yesterday. I also got some Christmas programming in while working.

I have to make a run to Morgan City to swap out stuff between our store and my brothers, and see my grandma and dad. After that I’ll come home and get the delivery done for the baskets and get started on the stock order.

We have begun Christmas shopping …. cash of course. We are decorated and got our tree Thanksgiving day. Dh ordered most of his own because he wanted stuff for his car. I would have no idea what to order or what would be a good price. I got mine already and am using it …. new laptop after my old one went out. Will wrap the box to have something under the tree.

We had a wonderful week and it was all simple pleasres, most of which were free

The week started off hectic with both men working major overtime. Friday was ds 40th birthday, the gang from work, and some people who use to work there took him to Hooters for lunch, where the waitstaff teased him mercilessly.

Once the work day was over he headed to OKC to spend the weekend with a friend. She gave a multitude of “old fashioned” toys, like Magic Slate, the thing where you use a magnet to make a beard on the little guy with metal shavings, a lighted gyroscope, etc. All from the dollar store. They had a blast playing with the toys from their childhood all weekend. She also took him out to eat twice during the weekend.

Back at home dh telecommuted for 8 hours on Saturday and then needed to go to the office to get something. His office is downtown Tulsa, so imagine our surprise to see a fox playing in the park by the office.

While we don’t want a fox in our coops we think they are beautiful creatures, so we loved watching this beautiful creature running and playing.

Afterwards we headed toward Sam’s for minor shopping. When we got to the complex it is in we realized a Christmas parade was about to start there. We both love parades of all sorts. So we grabbed carryout from Panada Express and found a parking spot where we could watch the parade from the warmth of the truck.

It was a delightful small town style parade with the US flag leading the way, followed by fire trucks, a Mustang car club, numerous church groups pulling flat bed trailers with nativities, carolers, and more. No real corprate sponsors, unless you count the Chic Filla cow in a Santa outfit, marching just in front of the Santa and sleigh float. All were lit with tree lights. No marching bands either. It was short, simple and wonderful.

Afterwards we did our shopping in a nearly empty store, then went to McDonald’s for ice cream, where they gave us extra ice cream because they were trying to empty the machine for the night.

Sunday was a lazy day that included laundry and watching the Librarian movies, once ds got home we took him to Carrabba’s for his birthday dinner.

Today I went out to burn trash and discovered the electric company was trimming our clear cut. So now we have some cut for us firewood, a clear path to the south 40 acres and they mulched up a bunch of downed branches we had stacked to burn on our next brush burning day. They saved us HOURS of hard work, and now my power won’t go out when the January ice storms hit due to over hanging branches. They did a very thorough job running the full length of our 90 acres.

Katherine and Eldred can such a trimming could have cost us thousands of dollars if we had to pay for it. Instead it was free and I got firewood to boot. (firewood is currently going for $75 a rick here).


1. Finishing Zero Balance Budget and having weekly budget meetings. Working on getting a workable spreadsheet for weekly meetings to make sure that none of the categories are exceeded especially in areas that we are not using the envelope system which is every bill that we pay with check.
2. Cut cell phone bill down by $75/month and Internet Bill down $25.
3. Using envelopes for groceries and gas(saving .05/gallon to do this) and cash for everything
4. Only CC will be paid in full on the 15th and closed forever. Then onto Baby Step 3.

Also found out DH is going to have a large Christmas bonus and had the usual wig-out of , “Oh, we will have money for this!” but then almost immediately got things into perspective of, “This changes NOTHING!” Baby Step 3 will get a hefty headstart and we can tithe and bless our church. Still no entertainment envelope until that is done!! Still not going to go to family reunion. Larger picture here! We still have plenty of entertainment without a budget. We attend all the free community stuff. Saw some lovely Christmas trees decorated for charity this week.

And paying cash for Christmas. Have made sure that the family that puts pressure on us to spend knows that we are now on a tight budget with goals. But they are going to have to see this over time that this is how our life is going to be and not a passing fancy. Not going to be pressured into overspending.

The Lord blessed us with a surprise of a credit on our electric bill this month. The electric company estimates billing at times and there was a mistake somewhere so we had overpaid before and they caught it.

Doing the happy Murphy dance !! :)

truck broke down and it felt like the clutch…so i called around (before I called my guy) to get an idea of how much to replace. $880, my guy going to charge $750.
so i have my guy come out (he’s mobile.)
turns out it’s not the clutch per se, it’s the frame the clutch and brake attach to which has cracked.

2 days of work later (can you imagine how much this would have cost me at a shop?) and some welding later, he charged me……
TA DA! $290.

What a blessing !!