Monthly Archives: August 2015

Hi Everyone

I recently ordered a supply for my coaster business through etsy and am beginning to wonder about it. It shipped from Spain on Aug. 5. I was told it would take 5-7 business days to arrive by the USPS. I have kept in contact with the seller via messaging on etsy. It has not arrived as of the mail posting today but she says it will arrive any day. I have never ordered via etsy before. I paid via a debit card at a local bank & the payment cleared on Nov. 5. What recourse do I have for this if it never arrives? The item, with shipping, totaled $17.00.

Paid off the student loan

Working on getting our zero balance budget ready to fully implement in October. Tried to go under budget on groceries to gear up for next week but sausage was on sale for half price so maxed the budget to stock up(have to have nitrate/nitrite free and never goes on sale so jumped on that one). Might be eating generic cheerios next week to get ready for Thanksgiving since we haven’t been at this very long. My mother in law makes the turkey so that will help. I only have to make the dressing and some pies and a cake so totally juggle-able with some creativity.

DH is ready to cut up the credit card. Hasn’t happened yet but I think soon. It is NOT being used. He is getting ready to sell all of his comic books that he paid WAY too much for in his single days ahem 22 years ago :) Our debt will be wiped out with his bonus but once again we won’t see anything out of it probably.

OH, and also, FPU is being offered at the end of February nearby. Do you think it would be beneficial if we have been reading constantly on our own and listening to DR on his website 24/7? We already own many of the books that I think would come with the class.

I’m super excited about the zero balance budget because I think seeing progress is what is going to be super motivating.