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well, due to MN’s travelling out of town the last 3 weeks

I had to put a hold on paying off CC’s until we square up with his company (long long long story.) He’s gotten better about keeping track of expenses etc., but I’d rather keep money in the bank until we’re square.

I found out that my mother who passed away almost 3 months ago, left me 1/4 of her IRA. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s a bigger mess than one might think, being an IRA beneficiary. The place I have my retirement accounts (Sharebuilder) doesn’t allow Beneficiary IRA’s, so I will have to open another one somewhere else. I’m still researching my options on what I can do with it (or not). It’s amazing how many Series 7 people punt to “well, dunno. Talk to a tax professional.”

Well then what the heck are you dude?

I actually got one response from a “broker” who said they didn’t have any “tax advisors in house”. Come on. Really? I just need to know if I have to make mandatory withdrawals since she was over 70 when she passed and she didn’t make any withdrawals this year before she died.

Why do banks nickel and dime us?!

I was very annoyed today in having to pay $12 to a bank to cash a check drawn from their establishment!

In an accounting error, my work direct deposit was not made into my credit union checking account. When I notified my boss, she promptly cut me a check… no problem, right? Wrong!

Because I had scheduled some autodraft payments today, I had to deposit cash into my credit union account to avoid a hold (which would have resulted in bounced payments). So, since my check was written from an Iberia Bank, I found one branch nearby, and went there to cash it. I happened to have my insurance reimbursement check on hand too – also an Iberia check from They charged me $6 per check to cash these.

I asked the banker what the fee was for, and here’s how the convo went

Me: Why am I being charged a fee, this is an Iberia bank and an Iberia check.

Banker: It’s like how we charge members for having a low balance. Same thing.

Me: I don’t have a low balance, I am asking for the cash one of your clients promised to me by signing this check. If the signee doesn’t have enough to cover the check, I am sure you will just not cash it – you wouldn’t lend them money to pay me, and then charge me $6 to do so, right?

Banker: Open an account here and I can waive the fee.

Me: But then I would have a low balance, because I don’t want to bank with you. I just want this money, and I don’t feel I am doing anything to support a surcharge to receive it.

Banker: ((Blank Stare))

Me: I am just wondering what my fee is covering. Nobody is doing extra work to give me the money, nothing is being “rushed,” I don’t have a low balance… I am not asking for an extra service.

Banker: I don’t know. But there is a $6 fee per check. I am sorry I can only waive the fee if you have an account here, even if there’s no money in the account.

Basically, he couldn’t tell me why I should pay them to give me money that one of their clients authorized. I don’t understand why bypassing the need for Iberia to wire money to my bank to give to me should cost me anything at all.

They wouldn’t waive the fee, and I ate it to avoid any bounced payments… but ugh! This seems totally illegal. How can you charge me for this Iberia (or any bank!)?!

I know we haven’t spoken directly on here

– but I thought of you today! Me and Dh went out to buy a car with cash, and ended up buying from a small dealership. The owner of the dealership tried to talk to us about paying payments on the balance of what he wanted for a vehicle vs that which we did not have…

A flash went through my mind: “Poor people ask how much per month, rich people ask how much?”

We were insistent, we offered XX and he could take or leave the cash offer, it was all we had budgeted.

He took it. He even kicked in $100 of the TT&L.

Spent $2,600, and KBB values the vehicle at $4,000. We were patient and turned down a lot of vehicles even if we drove out far to see them. I sure hope this one is a solid as it seems! Were turning in the money pit car and moving on.

So anyway… thanks for the tagline – it helped keep us on track today.