Monthly Archives: May 2015

On the homework front

I got our new main checking account all entered in quickbooks and up to date on entries. Over time I’d like to get my business account done but it’ll take more time. I will probably just have to pledge to work on it “x” number of minutes per day to get it done.

I got a big coaster order last Friday. A store where I wholesale coasters had a customer in the store putting together 17 gift baskets for people she does business with. She “loved” my coasters and wanted a set in each basket! Yeah!! The store also gave me an order for the store to replenish their stock … 10 sets for the store.

So with order in hand for 27 sets in all, I got busy making sure I had all the supplies I needed. The order for the baskets is due by Wednesday but I was able to get them done yesterday while watching that miserable pitiful mess of a football game … Saints/Carolina. Personally I don’t like Cam but they did have a better team on the field yesterday. I also got some Christmas programming in while working.

I have to make a run to Morgan City to swap out stuff between our store and my brothers, and see my grandma and dad. After that I’ll come home and get the delivery done for the baskets and get started on the stock order.

We have begun Christmas shopping …. cash of course. We are decorated and got our tree Thanksgiving day. Dh ordered most of his own because he wanted stuff for his car. I would have no idea what to order or what would be a good price. I got mine already and am using it …. new laptop after my old one went out. Will wrap the box to have something under the tree.